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as builts

As Builts, Existing Conditions Surveys, Existing Building Documentation, Field Verification, Building Reverse Engineering are all industry terms used to describe the process of creating architectural drawings or 3D models of existing buildings.

As Builts are commonly used for building renovations. However, since the implementation of BIM in the AECO industry, clients are using our As Builts for a full range of innovative applications including Building Performance Simulation, MEP Retrofit and Design, Energy Modeling, LEED EB, Sustainability Analysis, Safety Simulation and Facilities Management.

At Virtual Buildings, we are architecturally trained and Revit certified professionals dedicated to creating highly accurate As Built drawings and 3D models for the AECO community. We are aware of the importance of delivering an As Built that fits your work flow and is ready to be used by the design team; an As Built tailored to your needs and office standards. For that reason, we work closely with our clients to define the scope of work, level of detail and level of BIM customization for each project.

Each building is unique, each As Built is unique; we use a combination of low tech and hi tech tools for each project. Our most commonly used tools are: Graph, Pen and Measuring Tape, as well as, Point to Point Laser, Photogrammetry, Laser Scanners and Point Cloud.

Surveying prices vary depending on the project size, level of detail and customization of the deliverable. Please contact us with any questions or for free estimates.